Friday, May 28, 2010

What to do for your Wedding Registry if you want your Gifts from the Handmade Community

As we approach June, the season for weddings, we all know someone who is getting married or getting married ourselves. Me, I'm fortunate to already be married to the most Amazing man on this planet and have a Wonderful family. But to those getting married it is so frustrating trying to get registered somewhere. Where do I register? Do they really have all that I want? Is it really what I want? And for those of us who already have a household and don't really need anything per say, but would maybe just like some things to blend in with our already decorated home or perhaps have that room you would like to re-do, but don't really have the money to do it. With the Go Green or Buy Handmade attitude that we are getting today, maybe we want to help save the environment or help support an artisan with Vintage, Handmade, Repurposed or Upcycled gifts of our choosing.

My answer is simple. Find a site such as Etsy where you can find Quality Handmade, Vintage, Upcycled or Repurposed items that you Love. Create an account there and add all of the items that you want to your Favorites. Then in with your invitations, in emails to your quests or you can even make up business cards to hand out with the URL of your Account on them. Tell your guests to go there and pick from your Favorites for your gifts. Then you know you will be getting exactly what you really want, so you won't have to return 10 toasters. LOL They will be One of a Kind, Unique and Truly You....Hugs...Jewel ;o)

These would be my picks! :)

To see this registry and view and the items in it listed for sale, go Here!


Debbie Pearson said...

I think this is such a fabulous idea for gift giving at weddings. I enjoy shopping for more unique items myself to give as gifts and this is a great way to still get the bride something she wants to. Seems much more personal to me.

ShabbyBoutique said...

Debbie, I think it is so much more personal as well. I have been married twice. Both times we were already established and really didn't need anything. We had so many returns to take back items that we either got 2 or more of or already had or didn't need. Not that I wasn't appreciative of the gifts, but it was a pain taking all of the items back.

And I'm sure for those that are out of town and would like to have the gifts delivered straight to the recipient. I'm sure that most of the sellers wouldn't mind sending the gifts straight away and even gift wrapping, probably for an additional fee, but it's not like you wouldn't have to buy something to wrap them with anyway. :)

I would say though that if you would like to have them sent to the recipient though, make sure you put the address into PayPal when you check out if you pay that way.

Jewel ;O)

O. Joy said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wonderful idea!! I am linking on FB!!

ShabbyBoutique said...

Thank You Joy! Your comments are so much appreciated! :)...Hugs to You...Jewel ;o)

emily said...

What a great idea - Etsy registry! Thank you for including my vintage dish in your post!