Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Fabulous Easter Finds

I know, I know. It's way past Easter. But I finally found these pics I took of my Favorite Easter Finds and wanted to share them with my friends. My first find was this Adorable Vintage Light Up Blow Mold Aqua & Pink Easter Bunny. I got this Fabulous find from Miss Maddies Mercantile. They are the Sweetest Ladies and they always have such great items with "Can You Say Free Shipping?". Yes you heard me correctly Free Shipping!

I made the sweet little blue gingham ducky and had planned on making a pink one too, but didn't have the time. OH, well, maybe later he will get a sister. LOL I think he's 2 Cute though. :)

My other Favorite Easter Find was these Vintage So Sweet Egg Ornaments. I found 6 of them online and got them for a steal, but they are just soooo Cute I could not pass them up. They are real eggs that were cut in half, painted on the back and inside and then made into a Lovely work of art. They have all kinds of trims and millinery and paper cut outs and seashells and on and on and on. I am going to try and figure out how to do this for next Easter to sell on my website. Just not sure how to cut the egg open without cracking the shell to pieces.

I Was Tagged! LOL :)

Well, I guess since I was tagged by Nancy of La Chambre Rose, that means I need to post 7 things about myself that others would not know. Although I feel that is a funny concept since I usually tell everyone I know everything there is about to know. I am like and open book and I love to talk. LOL I love to share my life and because for one, your experiences are why and who you are today, believe it or not. Also because I have had so much adversity, trials and tribulations in my life and my Love for helping others, I feel that if I can share my stories and they help others, then my life's mission has been fulfilled. So, without further ado, I will try to come up with 7 things you all might not know about me. LOL

1. I am a Leo, but bordering on the cusp of Cancer makes me a Leader and a Follower.

2. I have to admit that when it comes to crafty items and fabric, I buy way more than I could ever use in my lifetime and I can't stand to throw any of it out or give it away. I just know that one day I will need it. LOL

3. My husband and I have been together for over 7 years and we have never had an argument or fight. Believe it or not! I wish that everyone in the world could be as truly happy as we are.

4. I have been in the process of redecorating my kitchen and living room for over a year now. LOL I am always so busy making things and decorating for others that I never have time to work on my own things. LOL And because I love to do for others, that is where I find my truest joy in life, I always put my things on the back burner and I'm fine with that. :)

5. I love to read, but I just never have time! I love Steven King and Odd Thomas/Forever Odd by Dean Koontz. If you haven't read those books, you have to. I couldn't put them down. I also used to read V.C. Andrews when I was younger. I also like Patricia Cornwell. I like to read books that make you think about what is going on.

6. I love puzzle games. I love using my mind and actually having to think about things. I love Sudoku, I have many books and an electronic game.

7. Seventh thing, finally. What to write....what to write. Hmmm. I am very detail oriented. When I make a pillow, it will usually take me days not hours to complete. I will tear it apart and resew it if there is even one stitch out of place. I am like that when it comes to things I care about. When I cook, I always plate everyone's food and make it look pretty like they do in the fancy restaurants. I have made my children cakes for their birthdays that took me all day if not two days to make and ice and decorate. My husband always asks me why I do this. I say it is because of the love of what I do and for the love I have for those around me. I love to show others that I appreciate them and put a smile on their face. That is where my truest joy in life comes from. So to me it's nothing to show them that I care and I love them.

Ok, so here are the 7 things about me. Now I have to go and tag others. Hmmm. Who to tag. LOL Ok, I think I have it.

Natasha Burns- Because she is always true and is the sweetest and cutest lady that you could ever meet. Oh, and she's very talented and I'm definitely honored to be considered one of her friends.

Wendy of Berry Lane is also a Sweetie and has Gorgeous things.

And I can't forget my Spring Swap Partner Tiff of Ric Rac Sally. One of the most giving ladies I know. She is such a Doll.

Debbie of Starry Night Impressions. Another one of my fav ladies.

This is who I have so far. I will think of more and post them later on!

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Jewel ;o)

What I got for the ECS Spring Swap!

I promised you a peek at what I received from Tiff at Ric Rac Sally for the Etsy Cottage Style's Spring Swap, and here it is! She heard me say over and over again that I LOVE Pink and Aqua. Those are my two most favoritest colors in the whole wide world and they look Lovely together. Well, guess what? She sent me tons of Pink and Aqua stuff! I just LOVE it! Do you see the little Pitcher? Isn't it just adorable? And the tags are *2*Die*4*. I love the Flower Brooch from vintage fabric and lace doily. She even sent me some scraps to use on my own projects. The only problem is that when I get pretty stuff like that I don't ever want to use it because it's so pretty I just want to look at it. LOL Maybe I'll make a collage with some pretties I have that won't be permanent so that I won't ruin anything. :) Thank you so much Tiff....You are the best!

Gift tags, Vintage Scraps, Vintage Tea Towel with Southern Belle, Clothespin magnet for my frig, Adorable Plaque with Vintage images.

Look at all of those Goodies! I just love them All! It was like Christmas Opening up my package and the presents just kept coming! :)

Look at the adorable Pitcher in my Fav Aqua with Adorable Pink Roses, Perfection to say the least. Check out the Brooch too. It's so Sweet! I remember making those when I was a kid, brings back memories. She even sent me a bag of candies. Isn't that always a way to a woman's heart? LOL

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here is something I did recently and will be adding to my eBay store, website and Etsy shop later on. I can do custom orders for letters if you like, you pic the theme and the color scheme and I will make letters for you. These in particulare are decoupaged bits of fabric, scrap booking papers and print outs from old postcards in my collection on wood letters. They have key holes in the back for hanging, or they are also free standing. Or if you like I can add ribbon hangers too. These took me 8 hours to complete and I was a sticky mess when I was done, but they were so much fun to make.

Etsy Cottage Style Vintage Spring Swap

I was recently part of a swap for Etsy Cottage Style. We did a Vintage Spring Swap and it was sooo much fun. Here are some pics of the Goodies I sent to me Swap Partner Tiff, of Ric Rac Sally. My theme came from answers to questions that she answered, the book I found at a local Antique Mall (I had this book as a child and read it over and over and loved it) called "To Dream To Dance", and here in St. Louis we have an open air Theatre called The Muny. I always envision Swan Lake under the stars there. :) And you know it's Spring when you start hearing the commercials with the Jingle "Meet me at The Muny...The Muny at Forest Park".
Here is an overall view of the items I sent her; The book "To Dream to Dance", Some of my handcrafted cards along with a couple from Natasha Burns (I love her artwork, especially her pretty pink dresses) I decoupaged the hatbox and a letter T for Tiff, some vintage style clothes pins in Pink & Green, a mask I decoupaged and then added sequins & feathers & millinery, Some vintage tatted & embroidered hankies, some postcards that I printed on fabric for her to use as embelishments in other projects, and last but not least some vintage seam binding in aqua & baby blue & some pink, white and aqua sequins and some pink & aqua feathers on a card print out of a vintage set of Mermaid Buttons that I have in my collection.

I had this book when I was a little girl and I can't tell you how many times I read it. I Love this book. I should've read it before I sent it to her. LOL

I will be posting some of the pics of what she sent me shortly. I love what I got, it's like she has known me forever and gave me things with my favorite colors in mind. Pink and Aqua.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My Family

Here is my family. We are extremely close and love to share and spend time together. We are always laughing and doing fun things. My children's friends have dubbed our house "The Fun House". LOL They love to hang out with us.

My oldest son and my baby brother

My middle son

My hubby and youngest son

My youngest son again

My stepdaugter, she's 2 months younger than my middle son.

My middle brother

And as for me, I'm the oldest and the one behind the camera. LOL And yes, I know. I got everything for easter except for the baskets. LOL It's always like me to forget something. So, my brother grabbed some bags. I know it's not very pretty, but at least they had fun, and that's what counts. Not how pretty your basket is, although in my opinion it always helps. ;p

It's late in the Game, but I wanted to Show Off! ;o)

I know it's way past Easter, but I just had to show off the eggs that me, my children, my brothers and my husband made. I of course took the Pink & Aqua approach. My oldest son did the eyeball and eight ball. My middle son did the big daisy one and the one next to it with the daisy's, grass, sky and sun on top. My youngest son helped with the face ones. My stepdaughter did the polka dots and some plaid ones. My husband did the leopard, zebra, plaid and hieroglyph. My brother did the hard boiled egg and the football. I broke out the craft paint as well as the old food coloring standby. We always have fun making them. It's not just for kids, we all always get involved and see how creative we can be.