Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Was Tagged! LOL :)

Well, I guess since I was tagged by Nancy of La Chambre Rose, that means I need to post 7 things about myself that others would not know. Although I feel that is a funny concept since I usually tell everyone I know everything there is about to know. I am like and open book and I love to talk. LOL I love to share my life and because for one, your experiences are why and who you are today, believe it or not. Also because I have had so much adversity, trials and tribulations in my life and my Love for helping others, I feel that if I can share my stories and they help others, then my life's mission has been fulfilled. So, without further ado, I will try to come up with 7 things you all might not know about me. LOL

1. I am a Leo, but bordering on the cusp of Cancer makes me a Leader and a Follower.

2. I have to admit that when it comes to crafty items and fabric, I buy way more than I could ever use in my lifetime and I can't stand to throw any of it out or give it away. I just know that one day I will need it. LOL

3. My husband and I have been together for over 7 years and we have never had an argument or fight. Believe it or not! I wish that everyone in the world could be as truly happy as we are.

4. I have been in the process of redecorating my kitchen and living room for over a year now. LOL I am always so busy making things and decorating for others that I never have time to work on my own things. LOL And because I love to do for others, that is where I find my truest joy in life, I always put my things on the back burner and I'm fine with that. :)

5. I love to read, but I just never have time! I love Steven King and Odd Thomas/Forever Odd by Dean Koontz. If you haven't read those books, you have to. I couldn't put them down. I also used to read V.C. Andrews when I was younger. I also like Patricia Cornwell. I like to read books that make you think about what is going on.

6. I love puzzle games. I love using my mind and actually having to think about things. I love Sudoku, I have many books and an electronic game.

7. Seventh thing, finally. What to write....what to write. Hmmm. I am very detail oriented. When I make a pillow, it will usually take me days not hours to complete. I will tear it apart and resew it if there is even one stitch out of place. I am like that when it comes to things I care about. When I cook, I always plate everyone's food and make it look pretty like they do in the fancy restaurants. I have made my children cakes for their birthdays that took me all day if not two days to make and ice and decorate. My husband always asks me why I do this. I say it is because of the love of what I do and for the love I have for those around me. I love to show others that I appreciate them and put a smile on their face. That is where my truest joy in life comes from. So to me it's nothing to show them that I care and I love them.

Ok, so here are the 7 things about me. Now I have to go and tag others. Hmmm. Who to tag. LOL Ok, I think I have it.

Natasha Burns- Because she is always true and is the sweetest and cutest lady that you could ever meet. Oh, and she's very talented and I'm definitely honored to be considered one of her friends.

Wendy of Berry Lane is also a Sweetie and has Gorgeous things.

And I can't forget my Spring Swap Partner Tiff of Ric Rac Sally. One of the most giving ladies I know. She is such a Doll.

Debbie of Starry Night Impressions. Another one of my fav ladies.

This is who I have so far. I will think of more and post them later on!

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Jewel ;o)


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Jewel!
i loved learning more about you - love the 7th fact that you are into the details and will spend two days icing a cake, it shows you care so much.
THanks for tagging me! i am so hopeless at tags, i will try to think of 7 things but have struggled with this one in the past, lol, i think i bore people with my boring facts since i don't have much interesting stuff going on in my regular life, lol!!! xo

EnglishCottageRose said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, thankyou so much for sharing it with us. Char