Friday, May 2, 2008

My Family

Here is my family. We are extremely close and love to share and spend time together. We are always laughing and doing fun things. My children's friends have dubbed our house "The Fun House". LOL They love to hang out with us.

My oldest son and my baby brother

My middle son

My hubby and youngest son

My youngest son again

My stepdaugter, she's 2 months younger than my middle son.

My middle brother

And as for me, I'm the oldest and the one behind the camera. LOL And yes, I know. I got everything for easter except for the baskets. LOL It's always like me to forget something. So, my brother grabbed some bags. I know it's not very pretty, but at least they had fun, and that's what counts. Not how pretty your basket is, although in my opinion it always helps. ;p

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jewel for joining the wedding blog.What a lovely family your so lucky!PS I will post your blog how do people do all this ugh! Hugs Denise