Friday, May 2, 2008

It's late in the Game, but I wanted to Show Off! ;o)

I know it's way past Easter, but I just had to show off the eggs that me, my children, my brothers and my husband made. I of course took the Pink & Aqua approach. My oldest son did the eyeball and eight ball. My middle son did the big daisy one and the one next to it with the daisy's, grass, sky and sun on top. My youngest son helped with the face ones. My stepdaughter did the polka dots and some plaid ones. My husband did the leopard, zebra, plaid and hieroglyph. My brother did the hard boiled egg and the football. I broke out the craft paint as well as the old food coloring standby. We always have fun making them. It's not just for kids, we all always get involved and see how creative we can be.

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