Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What to do on a Rainy Day!

Anyone who knows me knows I Love, Love, Love, did I mention Love?, Cupcakes. I love anything to do with cupcakes: Graphics, making Cupcake Sachets, Faux Cupcakes, Painting them, Mosaicing them, whatever. But I Love making real ones and then getting out all sorts of goodies and decorating them with the kids. Even my 4 year old loves creating his one of a kind masterpieces. Just look at the fun Spring Cupcakes we made. Don't they look just Scrumptious???? YUM!!!

By George, I think I finally got it!

I have been working on this all day to get it to the way I want it. It's not totally there, but at least it's posting worthy. LOL Now to find my camera cable so that I can upload some pics that I have been wanting to post on here for months now. LOL