Thursday, April 15, 2010

Featured on Another New Blogland Friends Blog

I want to Thank another gal blogger for featuring one of my Shabby Vintage Wares on her blog. She included my Sweet Cottage Vintage Chippy Wire Basket along some other fellow artisans in her piece on "Beautiful Shabby Chic Style Home Decor". Here is a link to view her blog, you can tell her Jewel send you there. :) If you don't want to follow the link, here is the basket she used which is available, for now, in my Etsy Shoppe TheShabbyBoutique.

I have been working hard on getting all of my Etsy Shoppes organized and straightened out, as well as get back to the roots of what Shabby Boutique is about. And that is Romantic Home Decor. The past few years I have been concentrating on web design, graphic design, stationary and gift tags as well as new and vintage craft supplies. I had taken a break from the Home Decor end of things after I closed down my brick and mortar shop due to too many issues with trying to take care of my grandmother after she fell and broke her hip. It was just too much to run a shoppe, take care of her and take care of my own family. My shoppe was my Dream, but just not the right time. My family comes first. I will do it again, but later when the kids and family don't need me so much. :) My craft supplies have been packed up in the garage, but I have finally felt like getting back in the home decor chair and bring you all some lovely home decor items. I will still be doing the stationary, craft supplies, web design, etc,. as it is all part of what I do and Love doing, just refocusing again. So be on the look out for new items coming soon! I have also been digging some of my items out that I had made several years ago for the shoppe and already have a few of those items listed.

If you are interested in my craft supplies line you can go to CraftingConfections on Etsy and for my stationary and gift tags you can go to RomanticInspirations. I will be moving my graphic design, business card, banners, and digital collage sheets over to a new shoppe soon as well. But I still don't have a name for it and I want to get the shoppes that I already have squared away first. I am also wanting to start doing jewelry again as well and I'm not sure if I want to open a new store for that, or combine it with RomanticInspiration or TheShabbyBoutique. I really need to get my website back up and going again so I can have everything under one roof again, but I just don't have the time right now. And I do Love Etsy and I do enjoy selling from there. It has been such a pleasurable experience over the last two years and I have met so many wonderful people there. Which is probably why I haven't been in too big of a hurry to get my own website going again.

I am leaving eBay though. I will leave a few templates listed for a while, but I will be closing my eBay store. Their fees have just gone outrageous and then to pay for a store and have to pay an exuberant amount of listing fees as well and then have like 12% of the final value fees also go to them. Then they own PayPal and they take fees out there as well. No Thank You! They are trying to become something that they are not as well as something that they weren't started or meant to be. It's no fun anymore and the policies that they keep putting in place to overpower the buyer and tip the scales in their favor instead of having an even playing field. I don't think anyone is really happy there anymore unless you are a drop shipper or large company selling tons of items a month. As for the small businesses or the little guy, it just not worth it anymore. I'm not sure why companies don't understand the principal of, "If it's not broke, don't fix it".

I will still be here though, I'm not going anywhere, just down a different path. So to the thousands of you that bought eBay templates, storefronts, etc,. from me in the past, present or future, I am still here to help or answer questions or support those templates and eBay stores. Don't worry about that. And I will still do custom graphics for eBay for you as well. I do what I Love and I Love what I do! :)

Well, I guess that's it for now! I will chat with you all later! Hugs and Blessings to you All!

Jewel ;o)