Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well.....It's Finally Out!!!!! Romantic Homes Holiday Edition for 2011

So "What's the Big Deal" with this issue of Romantic Homes, you ask?!?! Well, in this issue you will find my Vintage Style Tulle Wreaths and Trees featured in it. That's what the big deal is!!! :) My Tulle Wreaths and Trees are one of my big sellers for the Holidays and they finally got their spot in the limelight. I have been making these for years and years now and their Beauty and Romance still takes my breathe away. I used to create tulle trees when I was younger. You know the ones where you take the different widths of tulle and gather them in circles around a wooden dowel and then layer them from largest to smallest and then decorate them with little tiny ornaments and mercury glass balls? And as much as I loved making them, I could do what I wanted to do to them as they had no substance to them. So I put my twist on them. So I can fill them with all sorts of Vintage Goodies and Trinkets and Glitters and Mica Flakes and.... I think you get the picture.

I have always been passionate about crafting, creating, painting, sewing, cooking or anything that takes a keen eye or an imagination. For the biggest reason is not only my Love Love Love (did I say Love?) of creating, but for the fact that I can bring Joy and Happiness to others through my Creations. It's my outlet when I'm stressed or down. It's a way to bring Beauty to our sometimes mundane world. It's how I express myself and who I am. And through all of that, it is also another way that I have tried to show someone how much I care or bring a smile to ones face. I feel that I have truly been Blessed with my ability to create Beauty from nothing or something that someone else would see as junk or through it away. I can say though that one of the not so pleasant sides to it is that my mind has a hard time shutting down. I see Beauty in so many places you wouldn't expect to find it or see something and want to change it and make it into something else. Another part to the curse is the sometimes sleepless nights because my mind is thinking of my next project. Or even waking up in the middle of the night with an idea and having to down to my studio and start on it right away. Some people call me crazy, I just think I'm me! :)

For my Vintage Style Tulle Wreaths, those are inspired by a wreath that my grandmother made when I was a little girl. She had made it out of clear dry cleaner bags cut into strips. They had yellow writing on them so the wreath had touches of yellow here and there, but mostly looked white. I don't know what it was about that wreath that when I ran up to her door to knock and saw it, it would just make my heart skip a beat. If she had the door open I would just sit in the living room and just literally stare at it for hours. And that is why I love recreating the past with a Romantic Flair of my own. It's not just the nostalgia, but the invokation of the heart. The way those items made me feel when I was a child. Shaking that snow globe for hours to watch the snow fall. Watching the twinkling of the lights on the tree reflecting off of the icicles and ornaments. Giggling at the bubbles as they would float up to the top of those faux candle ornaments. So I take my time and create heirlooms for the future from memories of my past. :)

So, take a peek at my little pieces of Romance in the Romantic Homes mag. I do feel so Honored and Blessed to be asked to do some of them for their Holiday Guide....Blessings to All this Holiday Season and Beyond!!!....Big Hugs as Always...Jewel ;o)

My Aqua Wreath on the edge of the editorial page. Jacqueline was a Doll to work with. She's the one that contacted me to create some for their photo shoot. I had only a couple of days to get them done and mailed to them, talk about crafting through the night, as they each take a full day if not more to make. I at first thought it was a scam when she contacted me so I contacted my friend at Romantic Homes and asked her if it was real and she let me know that "Yes" it was real. But you have to be careful these days. There are so many out there that try to take advantage of people.

Again on the edge of the next page. Doesn't the little bird look so adorable sitting in her little pink nest? She looks so debonair. She just knows she's a star. LOL :)

Here are the two Vintage Style Tulle Wreaths I made and sent in. I think they look so good in the magazine. I wish I could take good pictures of my items like they do. I'm just not a photographer. I do have to say that my hubby is pretty good, so I try to get him to take as many pictures as I can. One of the things I wished I was good at. :)

And the info page about them. They did a great job on the descriptions and quotes. I know they couldn't add in all I had to say about them. When one is passionate what they do they tend to get a little wordy. And I'm definitely not an exception to that. LOL

And then I got a full page for my Vintage Style Tulle Trees!!! That was the most exciting. Jacqueline wouldn't let me see what they were up to, so I had to wait like everyone else to see what it was all going to look like. I am so pleased with it all. And the photos and descriptions really captured my essence and as well as the feel of them probably better than I could. So Thank You Thank You Miss Jacqueline. You are truly a Sweetheart!! :)


Renee @ Rustic Crafts said...

These look amazing! Congratulations,

ShabbyBoutique said...

Thank You ever so much Renee!! How Sweet of You!! :)

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Congratulations Renee, Aqua does seem to be the color for the Holiday this year. Beautiful! Hugs Marilou

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Oh Jewel, I am so proud of you!!! What an honor, a well deserved honor and I can hardly wait to get that issue and see everything up close!
Your wreaths are the turquoise one especially. And your trees so sweet and festive!


ShabbyBoutique said...

Thank You ever so much Marilou and Jil. It is an honor and so exciting. :) They did such a great job on capturing their beauty. I was just in shock when I saw them featured on their own page, the trees that is. :) Like I said, I thought they were just going to be used as props for the photo shoot. Had no idea how they were going to be used. And have to say that there are some lovely other items in there too.


Jewel ;o)

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Congratulations!!!! I love the white and pink Christms trees!! So beautiful!!!


ShabbyBoutique said...

Thank You ever so much Marsha! :)

Jewel ;o)