Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Updated" Hard Candy "Top Ten Trendsetters Eyeshadow Palette" in GuiltyPleasure

    Tonight I was out with my stepdaughter and had to run into WallyWorld for some q-tips and other necessities. I came across this adorable palette by Hard Candy and had to have it. It just so happens that I have been looking for some glittery eyeshadow that I can tap over the center of my lid for a little highlight and thought this would be perfect. I have tried several Hard Candy items in the past and so far had not been disappointed by them. So I decided to pick up the palette, like I seriously need more makeup. You do not even want to know how much I have. lol Anyway, I just couldn't wait to get home to try it out. I get so giddy and impatient when it come so new makeup, nail or hair products. So I got it home and immediately swatched it. Ugh! Not what I expected at all. For starters, the glitter is only on the top. What I rip! Yes, I know it's only $6.00, but still, I expected it to run all throughout it. Then upon swatching it the eyeshadow is very cakey and crumbly and not very even. I would say it's chalky, but it's actually very creamy/velvety. I have not actually used it yet, so this isn't a full review, just swatches and first impressions. So here goes the pics:

It's a Gorgeous little palette. It's called Top Ten Trendsetters Eyeshadow Collection in Guilty Pleasure. There are several different ones and I love the colors in this one in particular. I love the rose gold studs on the cream faux leather, which upon inspecting I don't think it's glued on real well. I tried to get a good pic of the glitter on the shadows but it's hard to do.

It's hard to see the glitter on the shadows, but it's there. And once again they are lovely shades. It also has a pretty nice mirror as well.

I know the swatches are hard to see. I'll try to get my hubby to take a better pic later on when he gets home.

Here is the palette after I swatched it. You can see the glitter came off the top of the shadows. :(

And here is what the shadow look liked on my fingers when I swatched them. You can see that they are chunky I guess you could call it. But the shadows themselves are very velvety in texture, so time will tell when I actually use them how well they do.

 Like I said this is just a swatch and first impression and as soon as I use them a few times I will be sure and post an update on them and let you know how well or not so well they did. Until then, over and out!! Huge Hugs and Blessings Always!!...

Jewel ;o)


I have worn theses shadows a couple of times now. They go on very well but the darker colors aren't very pigmented. They start to go on fairly dark, but as soon as you blend them, the color fades out. Also the burgundy shade totally faded to nothing after about an hour or so. The lighter colors are very good minus the very first one which I actually thought was a cream color, but turns out is supposed to be a light peachy pink color. I guess it faded in the store to cream!?!? But upon taking off the first layer or so it changed to a pinky peach color. So for $6 it's not a horrible buy, but money probably better spent on something else.

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