Friday, December 26, 2014

Hoping Everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

        Well, Christmas Day is officially over. I'm So tired but I just can't sleep. I'm so excited!! I have the Best Woobie (for those of you that don't know, that's what my hubby and I call each other) in the world!! He bought me so many gifts for filming and taking photos of my creations. He got me a camera that also does video, lighting, monitor calibrator for my graphic design work, tripods, Gorilla whatever their called tripod, a color balancing thing that you use to take a picture of before you take pictures so it automatically adjusts the image colors, photo and film editing software, etc., etc,. I honestly didn't get a chance to even look at anything though because I was too busy cooking and taking care of everyone else. So once I get a chance to play around with it all I will post some more info about it all. Now if we can get my studio done so I can get started that would be awesome!

        He of course bought me other things, like a Pandora necklace and matching earrings that are Gorgeous. I got him a faux ivory handled safety razor and matching shave brush and stand along with other various shave creams, balms and lotions, etc., just to name a few items. The children (although 3 of them are technically adults) had a good Christmas as well. The oldest three children just wanted clothes and the youngest wanted Portal and Minecraft gear. So they got their wish as well. Not that presents are the most important thing about Christmas, but I don't openly discuss the religious aspects of Holidays. Not because I'm embarrassed or anything, but because I feel religion is a personal choice  and you should be able to worship in your own way.

        I just wanted to hop on and give a little update since I haven't been on in several days, or maybe even weeks for all I know. The past few weeks have been so busy it's all just a huge blur. I will be back though. I have a few more recipes I want to share that I've recently made up and some hauls, when they finally come in, as well as some reviews of some new makeup I purchased. Let me know what you got for Christmas or for whatever Holiday you celebrate in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you. Also, I need to start trying to figure out what videos to film first, so let me know what you think. My very first one will probably be a studio tour. I may do a makeup tour as well. I don't know, I have so many ideas not sure what to do first. lol Well, it's late and I think I may be able to finally fall asleep. I hope I have a few minutes to at least upload a recipe or a quick kitchen tip tomorrow, or today actually. :) So until then I bid you all a Farewell and Sweet Dreams and hope your Holiday was as happy as ours! Blessings to All and to All  a Goodnight!! Huge Hugs!!

        Jewel ;o)

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