Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some Things On Sale You Might All Be Interested In

        So I went to pick up a few things at my favorite online drugstore and found some things you might be interested in as well. Now let me tell you how I shop. First of all I don't do any online shopping until I check Ebates and Fat Wallet. These are cash back for shopping sites that actually work. I use them and live by them. I will even order from Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc,. through them and then do instore pick-up with the items already in my cart. Not only do you save money by getting the cash back through these sites, but you also only have to pay approx. half in taxes as you only have to pay state and not city taxes doing it this way. Anyway, so for maximum save-age, make sure you click on the Fat Wallet and Ebates links to sign up, in case you aren't already, for these AWESOME sites to get cash back on your online purchases. I also check both of them before I make my purchase as sometimes one will have better cash back rates than the other one.

        So at you can get:

        * Covergirl Mascaras are already on sale for 20-30% off and then there's an instant coupon for an        additional $2.00 off
        * Vidal Sassoon shampoos and conditionors are 20% off plus an instant coupon for an additional $1.00 off
        * Herbal Essences, Head & Shoulders and Aussie products are also 20-33% off with a $.50         additional off coupon
        * Gillette Male Disposable Razors are 6-36% off plus buy two get one Free
        * Pantene shampoo and conditioners are also 20-36% off with an additional instant coupon for an         additional $1.00 off
        * Pantene styling products are also 20-43% off with an additional instant coupon for $2.00 off
        * Pantene Expert Collection is 20% off with an additional $3.00 instant coupon
        * Olay some products are 20-47% off with an instant additional $2.00 or $3.00 off coupon
        * Gillette Male and Female Disposable Razors are 7-20% off with an additional $3.00 instant coupon
        * Secret Deodorant is 17-25% off plus buy 2 and get an additional $2.00 off instant coupon

        That is just to name a few of the items on sale right now at with additional coupons. I really do the majority of our household personal care items from them. I stock up when items are on sale. Between the cash back I get through Ebates and Fat Wallet and there's no taxes to pay when ordering from and and the cash back rewards I get from my credit card company, I save like 15% there. Then getting items on sale and with their instant coupons as well... The amount you can save is awesome. Plus if your order is $35.00 or more you get frees shipping. And I'm not joking when I say that I always get my items literally next day. They are so on top of shipping, it's incredible. Also, make sure you sign up for their emails because they always send out additional 20% off your order promo codes and other promo codes or sales that they don't advertise on their site that's for subscribers only. And I would also like to say that their customer service is A+++++. I have never dealt with a company that is as friendly and helpful as they are. If you have a problem they take care of it and then some.

        So let me know what deals you got in on or let me know if you find any deals and I'll share them for others as well. Let's help each other save money!!

Big Hugs to You All!!!
Jewel ;o)

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