Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Small Haul! Hey, That Rhymes! :)

        So, a few posts back I told you all about the big sale at and I wanted to pop on for a few and tell you what I got. Also show you how you can save some cash. First let me show you what I got and then later I will tell you how much I saved and how I did it. So without further ado Here's My Small Haul!

        So I know it's not much, but there are a lot of products in the bareMinerals "The Big Top" box, so really it's quite a few products. Now for how much this all cost me and how I did it. All of this only cost me $30.68. Let me tell you how. First of all I went through Ebates and clicked on the link there for 4% cash back at I then had a coupon from for $10 off of a $50 or more purchase from my last shopping trip with them. Every time you shop with they send you one these coupons. Now I recently found out that you can only use 1 of them per account/household per cycle of them, but that's still $10 off every month or two. And like I said before we pretty much by all of our personal care items through them when they have the items we use on sale. And when they do I stock up, save now so you don't have to pay later, it what I say. Anyway, so I also had an instore credit of $13.95. Did I forget to mention before that when you shop with them you also get 5% instore credit that you can use at either site? I think I did, but now you know. You can spend it every couple of months when they credit it to you account. I believe it's every 3 months they credit your account and then you have 30 days to spend it or you lose it. Anyway, onward ho. So I picked out this bareMinerals The Big Top set because I don't really own a whole lot of bareMinerals items. I have mostly E.L.F. mineral makeup, such as eyeshadows, blushes, etc,. so I wanted to try them out. And I had to spend $50 on their site to use my coupon, so this is what I picked out. It was on sale from $79 down to $49.
        Now I know that it's not $50 but let me tell you how great is. I had several of the $10 off coupons laying around and I had already used one a while back on some Juice Beauty products (my new love. If you want to know anything about them let me know and I'll do a blogpost about them). This is when I found out about the 1 coupon per cycle. I kept putting in the coupon codes for the $10 off after making sure I had at least $50 of products in my cart. I think I had thrown in a cheap lip balm or something. Anyway, the coupon wouldn't work. So I called them to ask why. That's when they informed me about the one per household per cycle thing. Now I have been shopping with them for many years now and I had had the issue happen a few other times where the code wouldn't work, but just figured that it was some sort of error and blew it off. I had called one other time about it but it was during the holidays so I got busy and by the time I went in to order what I had wanted to order they were sold out of the product so I never placed the order. Then when I had an issue with a product after the fact and I called about that and told them the story of my coupon not working they never told me about the one per household per cycle thing, but of course they probably didn't know the whole story either. Anyway, so I called to say, "Hey, why isn't this coupon working?". That's when she told me, but is how great their customer service is. She said, "You know what though, you are such a good customer, I'm just going to give you an instore credit for $10. So just refresh your cart before you make your purchase and it'll be there". That is why I say that I love to shop with them. If there is ever a problem, they are so helpful and fix it for you right away.

        Ok, so I got a little off track. Sorry, I do that a lot when it's something I'm passionate about or something I love or something that I'm excited about. So on with the discounts. Ok, so now I also have an instore credit for $10 so I use that. Now for my other two purchases, the CoverGirl mascara and the Maybelline Color Tattoo, I got them off of The Maybelline Metals Color Tattoo in Electric Blue is on sale for 42% off making it $4.09. And the CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara in Very Black is still on sale for 30% off and then also an instant coupon for $2.00 off making it $3.49. Then I paid with my credit card where I get 2% cash back on everything I purchase, for more savings. So I guess I should stop blabbering and give you the quick and dirty run down.

        bareMinerals The Big Top ($241 value)

                                                                         Reg price $79
                                                                          Savings -$30
                                                                        Sale price $49
                 Instore credit (or if I would've used the coupon) -$10
                                                                           You pay $39

                                                             For a savings of $40 on this item so far

        CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara

                                                                Reg price $7.79
                                             On sale 30% discount -$2.30
                                                               Sale price $5.49
                              Subtract also the instant coupon -$2.00
                                                                  You pay $3.49

                                                     For a savings of $4.30 on this item so far

        Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals Gel Shadow

                                                              Reg price $7.00
                                            On sale 42% discount -$2.91  
                                                                 You pay $4.09

                                                  For a savings of $2.91 on this item so far

                                                                                    My total was then $46.58
               Drugstore/ cash back rewards for previous purchases -$13.95
                                                                         Ebates cash back rewards -$1.30
                                                                  Credit Card cash back rewards -$0.65
                                                                                        I paid a total of $30.68

                For a total savings of $63.11 with all coupons, discounts and cash back

        That's a 200% savings my friends and that doesn't even take into account the savings that you originally get for The Big Top set of it being a value of $241 for $79 to begin with. Best thing is that I ordered it Friday evening and literally got it Saturday afternoon. Now that's some fast shipping.

        That's just a little window into how I shop and save money on the items we need or want. So if you have any questions at all on how I shop or get good deals on the items we buy, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always willing to help others save money as well. And these items are still on sale now as well speak, so if you want to get in on the deal, I would head on over to Ebates and sign up if you haven't already and then follow the link to either or (either one as they are combined so you get the same cash back for both/either).

        So if you go shopping and find great deals or if you go there and save some money, come on back and let me know in the comments. I'm curious how much you save and what you got. And don't forget if you want swatches or reviews, let me know as I'd be more than willing to do that for you as well. Might even make a video review/tutorial for it if you ask nicely. :) lol But for now I'm going to say Toodles and sign off. Chat with you all soon!!

        Huge Hugs,
        Jewel S. ;o)

Remember to Love yourself above all else because no one will ever Love you like you!!

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