Saturday, January 24, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Make-Up Look/Tutorial!

        So I decided to again try out my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette today. I'm just not impressed with it at all. The colors are not pigmented at all and they just don't blend well. They're patchy at best if you can get them to show up. But since I paid for it, I decided to give it another try. This is now my 3rd time using the palette and again, I'm just not impressed. For the money I paid for it I really and truly expected so much more. But I honestly have to say is how I feel about all of the Too Faced Palettes. They are so pretty to look at that they make you want them. But in my opinion, the quality is just awful. I have many of their palettes, so don't think that I have only this one and that it's just a bummer, it's ever one that I have. I do like the lashGASM and Better Than Sex mascaras, if you layer them in said order (lashGASM for length first and then Better Than Sex over it for volume), but again for the price I can find better ones at the drugstore that don't cost as much. With that said here are a few pics of the look I came up with:

        I know the pics aren't the greatest, I shot them on my phone and the lighting wasn't the greatest so they're a little grainy. But if you read on I did an eye chart with more description of what I did down below.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Tutorial

         1. Milk Chocolate- I used this for my transition color using my Sigma E35 as well as swept it under the eyes with my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush for a smoky effect. This color was very patchy and took several times of going over it with a clean blending brush to get a smooth finish. But when I was blending it out it was disappearing so I had to keep re-applying it as well.
        2. Champagne Truffle- I used this on the inner two thirds of my lid as well as in the corner and beginning of lower lash line with my Sigma F70. This was not pigmented at all so I had to keep going over it and over it to get a smooth color payoff.
        3. Candied Violet- This I used on the outer third of the lid using my Sigma F70 and blended it into the Champagne Truffle on the rest of the lid. This color looks gorgeous in the palette, but again it is patchy and not pigmented. I had to re-apply and re-apply it and the color is not as purple as it looks in the palette either. It looks like a nice dark purple, but when applied it looks more like a brownish grey with a hint of purple. And the glitter does not show up at all.
        4. Black Forest Truffle- This I put in the crease area with my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush but not all the way to the inside. I kept it to the outer two thirds of the crease area. Again, this shadow was patchy and I had to keep dipping in the product to get a decent color payoff.
        5. White Chocolate- I used this as my browbone highlight with my E.L.F. Studio Eyedhadow C Brush. Then I went back over the transition color with my Sigma E35 to smooth out the edges of the crease and brow bone color. This really had no color at all. I was tempted to use my favorite highlight color from the Wet-N-Wild Walking On Eggshells palette, but I did not. I was bound and determined to just use my Chocolate Bar palette.
        6. NYX Eyebrow Pencil EP06 Taupe- When doing my brows I really hate the look of the lightest part of the brow being in the beginning of the brow. I know they are being called the "Instagram Brows". I have never done my brows that was and I personally don't like it. My brows naturally start out dark in the thickest part of the brow and then get lighter as they taper out on the ends. So that's how I like to do my brows when filling them in. I personally have always done it this way and feel that it looks more natural. So I fill in my entire brow with the taupe pencil. 7. Then I go in with NYX Eyebrow Pencil EP05 Dark Brown and go over the first half of my brow and blend it in for a smooth transition. I also set my brows with a little translucent powder and then brush them out for not only a more natural look but staying power.
        8. Last but not least, I first lined my lower lash line with NYX Glide on Eye Pencil in SL10 Purple Blaze. Then I blended it out with my Sigma F70. Then again using my Sigma F70 I smudged it out with Candied Violet.

        Here is a list of the other products I used in case you are interested. I do put my foundation, concealer, powder, etc,. on first before I do my eyes. And I always use a lid primer that I blend not only on my lid but also in my brows to help them stay all day as well.

* Primer- Laura Geller Spackle & NYX Shine Killer in my T-zone
* Foundation- CoverGirl + Olay 120 Creamy Natural
* Undereye Concealer- CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm 310
* Facial Concealer- CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm 320
* Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- Translucent. I use this to set my concealers since I'm olive complected and concealer always oxidizes on my skin. This prevents it from doing so.
* All Over Face Powder- Laura Geller Blance-N-Brighten Foundation in Medium
* Eyelid Primer- E.L.F. Mineral Eye Primer
* Mascaras- Too Faced lashGASM first for length and then Too Faced Better Than Sex over top for volume.
* Winged Eyeliner- Physician's Formula Eye Booster in Ultra Black
* Contour- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Now I do totally love this Too Faced product, still don't think it's a good price, but I do love it.
* Blush- Laura Geller Baked Blush in Bali. I absolutely love Laura Geller blushes. My other fave is Boysenberry.
* Highlighter- Laura Geller French Vanilla
* Demattifying Powder in T-Zone- Essence All About Matt!
* Lip Liner- NYX Retractable Lip Liner MPL12 Dark Red
* Lip Color- Manna Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in All of You
* Lip Gloss in center of lips- NYC Liquid Lipshine in Prospect Pink 576

        Overall the Chocolate Bar Palette is just not pigmented, goes on patchy and is so powdery. Now I will give a little tip I learned a long time ago. If you are using an eyeshadow that has glitter in it or is powdery or has a lot of fallout, use a stiffer brush rather than a fluffy brush. Use a brush like the Sigma F70 or the E.L.F. Studio Concealer brush. They give you more control to pack the eyeshadow on as where as the fluffier brushes have a tendency to cause the shadow to disperse more and get everywhere. If you have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and you love it, then that's great. It just really doesn't work well for me. If you have any pics of eyelooks using the Chocolate Bar Palette feel free to send me some pics. Or if you have had success using it, then please give us some pointers as to how it works for you. I would love to hear and I'm sure so would others.

        If you would a like a review or make-up look using certain colors or palettes, please let me know. I would love to do some for you. I'm still waiting for my studio to get done so I can start doing actual videos. So this will have to do for now.

        Hugest of Hugs and Blessings Always,
        Jewel ;o)

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