Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sorry I have been so behind on Haul Week!! More coming Soon!!

        So, I know that it was supposed to be Beauty Haul Week and it has now been Beauty Haul 2 Weeks. lol We have been super busy around here so I haven't had time to get to my blog. I know that some of you know me pretty well and if you do you know how close me and my husband are. We do everything together. We have been finishing our basement together, he helps me with my business and I always help him with his ventures as well. We work well together because we think so much alike and we most of the time don't even have to talk as we work because we already know what the other is thinking. Scary I know! lol When one zigs the other automatically zags and I couldn't ask for a better best friend, husband or partner in life. He has always helped me with my crazy ventures because I'm one of those jump in head first and hope the water is deep enough type person. He on the other hand is more careful and calculated. So in the areas where we are different, we balance one another. Anyway, his dream has always been to do a professional haunted house. He has worked for other companies, and to be honest and blunt as I always am, he has gotten the shaft. He has worked on a couple in the St. Louis area where we live as well as one in New York. He has helped out friends that do home haunts and even did one in our two car garage a couple years in a row just to have the thrill of being able to do it. Well, he has finally gotten his opportunity to do a professional haunt and I'm so excited for him. He finally gets to do what he's passionate about doing and put his creativity and talent to good use. He has always supported me and helped me so I'm there right by his side supporting him and helping him on this journey of his. He truly has no idea how happy I am for him that he has finally gotten this opportunity. He so deserves, if not just for putting up with me and my harebrained ideas. lol He is such an amazing man and I can't help but fall in love with him more and more every day. And I honestly love working with him, especially for something that he's so passionate about.

        So, that's why my Beauty Haul Week has taken so long. So that I can help and support my husband with his venture. So, if you want to beat me up for taking so long and dropping the ball, go right ahead. The joy I have in my heart for my Woobie (that's what my hubby and I call each other :o)...) will over shadow it a million to one. I do have one more two combined small haul and then one more mega haul. With the mega haul I will be sharing a secret place to get high end makeup for super cheap, so stay tuned for that. And so that you don't miss it, make sure you follow me here on my blog or on my other social media sites so you don't miss out.

        So I just wanted to stop in and give you all a heads up as to where I have been. I know I don't have many followers here on my blog, but I do not that there are a lot of readers and I have more followers on my other sites. I'm beginning to think that blogs are passe now as no one really comments to much on them anymore. But you make a post on Instagram and wholly canoli it's on. lol But I like to blog, I know I don't get to do it as much as I would like to, but I still like to do it, so as long as it's something I enjoy, then I will continue to do it. You have to do what you enjoy because life is so short and so precious to live a dull humdrum life. Life is for Loving; loving what you do, who you are around and the life that you lead. So if you are not happy with your life then do something about it or before you know it it'll be over and you'll regret not doing all those things that you wished you had. You'll regret all the "I Love You's" you didn't say, or the kisses you didn't give or hugs you didn't get. Find what makes you happy and do it!!! And don't forget to tell those you care about how much you love them every time you see them. Over  the past few years I have realized how short life is and I tell my friends "I love them" every time I see or talk to them.

        So I need to go for now, but like I said, keep watching in the next few days for my last two Beauty Week(s) lol Hauls. I'll chat with you all later! Huge Hugs from me to You!!!

        Blessings and Lots of Love to All!,
        Jewel ;o)


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