Monday, May 18, 2015

Sally Beauty Supply and Target Polish Haul!!

        So I know that I said that last week I was going to do a haul a day, but some things came up and I got behind. :( That's our life though. Due to my husband being on call 24/7 it's hard to make plans so we pretty much fly by the seat of our pants around here. It's not a life for all as it can get stressful when there's so much to do and not enough time to do it in and then he gets a call and has to go. We never know when that call comes in where he will end up or for how long. Most of the time it's local and it's only for a few hours, but other times it's go to another state hours away for a week or a couple of nights. We literally never know so we try to cram in as much as we can when we can. And with that means that the best laid plans for the majority of the time do not work out. So from the bottom of my heart, I apologize for now and in advance for the future when I get behind on blogs or videos, updates or reviews. But unless you've lived this lifestyle you really have no idea what it's like. We have lost friends over it because they think we were just always blowing them off or because we couldn't make plans well in advance. But to me that just means they weren't true friends to begin with and who needs friends like that anyway.

        To get on with the haul, I happen to go to Sally Beauty Supply to pick up some hair styling products for my hubby and some dying supplies for myself when low and behold they had a bunch of polish on clearance. Now for anyone that knows me, I can not pass up on polish or makeup on clearance when it's a fraction of the original cost. So I had to pick up a few colors that I don't have in my vast polish collection. Yes, I said vast as I have over 300 bottles. Of course, I do know that for some that's just a drop in the hat, so to them 300 bottles is nothing. Even for me I do have to admit that is a lot, but I don't do just my nails, so I never know when a particular color will come in handy. Anyway, then after that I went to Target to pick up some household items and low and behold they had a ton of polish on clearance as well. Sooooooo.....Yes, you guessed it, I had to pick up a few more. So here is what I got:

        1. Finger Paints- In the City Lookin' Pretty
        2. L'Oreal- New Money 108 (This looks yellow in the pics, but it is actually Lime Green)
        3. Revlon Parfumerie- Surf Spray 50
        4. Revlon Parfumerie- Wild Violets 150
        5. pixi- Olive Gold 062
        6. Finger Paints- Art Hue Feeling Young? Nail Art Polish
        7. China Glaze- Full Spectrum 1027
        8. China Glaze- Rare & Radiant 1164
        9. Finger Paints- Composition Silver
      10. Finger Paints- Paint the Town Purple

        I have not swatched or used these yet, so if you would like to see swatches, etc,. then let me know and I will be more than happy to do them for you. 2-5 I got from Target and the rest were Sally's. Like I stated already the L'Oreal "New Money" is not yellow as depicted in the pics, it is a lime green. Greens, yellows, pinks and reds are so hard to photograph sometimes. Also, I have no idea where my cameras are or if they even have a charge on them so I took the pics with either my phone or tablet this week, so I know the pics are horrid. This past week has been so cloudy and gloomy and rainy so taking pics was hard to do on top of it all.

        So if you already have these colors in your polish collection or want to share your latest polish haul or collection with us, please do. We would all love to see it. If you would like to see my polish collection, then please feel free to let me know, I'd be more than happy to share it with you. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog or follow me on my other social media sites, I'll have the links below, so you don't miss out on any posts, makeup looks/tutorials, deals, etc,. And as always Huge Hugs and Have a Most Serendipitous Day!

        Truly Yours,
        Jewel ;o)


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