Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sigma Beauty Haul!!

        So remember back when I said that Sigma Beauty was having a 20% off sale? So this is what I got. I have not gotten a chance to test out any of the makeup as of yet because I had it all in the box waiting for me to get time to take pics before I dug into it. But I plan on using it tonight for Taco Tuesday at Fuzzy's Taco Shop. So later I will post a review for you all. If there is anything you want me to review a.s.a.p. then let me know and I'll make sure I get it posted for you right away.

        So as you all know I am a thrifty shopper, so I know this stuff may be a little older items on the market and probably played out by now, but it's still new to me so I'm sure it's new to others as well. Of course I stacked their sale prices on top of the 20% off, so I got quite the deals. Except for the brushes as I already have those in my arsenal but needed a few more of them as I'm pretty bad about finding time to clean my brushes. So I have several of the ones I use daily so I don't have to clean them as often. :) These are my favorite blending brushes for the crease. Depending on how wide I want the blend depends on which one I use. So my transition color goes on with the E40, for the base crease color I use the E35, and if I want a tighter crease color I use the E25. I can't tell you how much I love these brushes. If you don't have them in your arsenal then you seriously need to invest in them when you can get a good deal on them.

        Ok, on to what I got and I'll even throw in how much I paid for it so you can see how I shop. So without further ado here is my Sigma Beauty Haul:

        1. Flare Palette reg. price $39, sale price $29, I paid $23.20
        2. Flare Shadow Base Kit reg. price $36, sale price $28.80, I paid $23.04
        3. Sigma Tapered Blending E35 reg. price $16, I paid $12.80
        4. Sigma Blending E25 reg. price $14, I paid $11.20
        5. Sigma Tapered Blending E40 reg. price $16, I paid $12.80
        6. Lip Switch "Pink-Lotus" reg. price $14, I paid $11.20
        7. Lip Switch "Other-Wordly" reg. price $14, I paid $11.20
        8. Lip Switch "Double-Whammy" reg. price $14, I paid $11.20
        9. Brow Pencil "Dressed Up" reg. price $9, I paid $7.20
      10. Individual Eye Shadow "Approach" reg. price $11, sale price $7.70, I paid $6.16
      11. Deluxe Sample Lip Vex "Sheila" reg. price $6.00, I paid $0
      12. Eye Shadow Palette "Warm Neutrals" reg. price $39.00, I paid $31.20
      13. Eye Shadow Base "Strike" reg. price $13.00, sale price $9.10, I paid $7.28

        So my total should've been $241 and I paid $168.48 for a savings of $72.52 which is 30%. That's not bad considering quite a few of the items were full price and I only got 20% off of them. This is how I like to shop and I can't help but get a little excited when I can get what I want and save big money on it. I know I'm not the only one that gets excited when they can save money, so that's why I post so many deals/sales when I find them. I love to share the excitement! lol

        Like I said before I'll be posting a review later on after I get a chance to use them a little so I can give them a chance to prove themselves to me. I'm hoping it will be a good review as the Sigma Beauty makeup I already have I Love. Let me know if you want me to do a review of something sooner and I'll be more than happy to. I will probably do a look as well with it, so watch out for that as well. Of course that is if it's good stuff, which I'm sure it will be.

        So did anyone else get in on the Sigma Beauty 20% off deal? Let us all know if you did and what you got. Post reviews of what you think of the products you got. Lets help each other weed out the bad and bring in the good makeup. lol I hate when I spend money on makeup that is crap, that's why reviews are so good to help one another keep from making that mistake. And even if a company sends me products to review I will always be honest as to what I think about it as well as let you know that they sent it to me. I believe honesty is the key to life, lies only pile up like trash and leave your life messy. No one wants a messy life.

        Well, it's off to eat lunch and start getting ready for Taco Tuesday, so I'll let you all go for now. As always Huge Hugs and Blessings to You All!!

        Yours Truly,
        Jewel ;o)

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