Friday, June 5, 2015

And the Week of Beauty Hauls Finale!!! High End and Drugstore Makeup Haul!!!

        So here is the Grand Finale for Beauty Haul Week!!! I found a site that sells both high end and drugstore makeup at a huge savings! And I went mad for makeup. I got things I've wanted for a while now but couldn't get my hands on, items I needed to replace and new things I've wanted to try. From Hard Candy to Nars, they have it all! I'll tell you what site later on and even give you a heads up of some sales they got going on right now as we speak, or type. The price you see after each item is what it normally retails for, but nowhere near what I paid. So this was the drugstore items I got:

        1. KleanColor- Holo Blue 135 $3.49
        2. Sleek Makeup- Sheer Cover Lipstick "Organza" 812 $7.49
        3. Sleek Makeup- Sheer Cover Lipstick "Satin" 813 $7.49
        4. KleanColor- Holo Pink 134 $3.49
        5. Sleek Makup- Sheer Cover Lipstick "Silk" 814 $7.49
        6. Revlon- Colorburst Lipstick "Candy Pink" 008 $8.99
        7. Hard Candy- In The Shadows Palette "Rocker Chic" $7.00
        8. Hard Candy- In The Shadows Palette "Eye Quit" $7.00
        9. Hard Candy- In The Shadows Palette "Dream Boat" $7.00
      10. Hard Candy- In The Shadows Palette "Eye Love You" $7.00
      11. Hard Candy- In The Shadows Palette "Flower Girl" $7.00
      12. Hard Candy- In The Shadows Palette "Splendid" $7.00
      13. Red Cherry Lashes- Single Short Black x3 $3.99/ea.
      14. Hard Candy- Fox In A Box Blush "Hot Flash" 396 $6.00
      15. Hard Candy- Fox In A Box Blush "Truth Or Dare" 395 $6.00
      16. Wet n Wild- Mega Length Waterproof Mascara "Very Black" C899 x2 $2.99/ea.

        Now that was just the drugstore items I got. The Hard Candy Shadows were in a 6 pack together and the rest of the items were singles. The Wet n Wild mascara is my favorite waterproof lengthening mascara. I pretty much use it first all of the time. It truly does lengthen your lashes. Love Love Love it!!

        Now for the High End Makeup I got in this haul:

        17. M.A.C.- Eye Shadow Quad "Parlor Smoke" $40.00
        18. Cargo- Essential Lip Color "Dubai" $22.00
        19. Cargo- Vintage Escape Palette $39.00
        20. M.A.C.- Eye Shadow Quad "Angel Flame" $40.00
        21. M.A.C.- Eyeshadow Pigment "Teal" $21.00
        22. Nars- Single Eye Shadow "Night Rider" $25.00
        23. Cargo- Water Resistant Blush "Bali" $26.00
        24. Cargo- HD Picture Perfect Eye Shadow Primer $19.00
        25. M.A.C.- Single Eye Shadow "Pincurl" $16.00
        26. SMH- Eye Shadow Single "7" $6.00
        27. Becca- Eye Colour "Venise" $24.00
        28. Nars- Lip Gloss "Easy Love" $26.00
        29. Cargo- Eye Shadow "Yukon" $16.00
        30. Cargo- TexasLash Mascara "Black" $20.00
        31. SMH- Eye Shadow Single "Ally Cat" $6.00
        32. Cargo- Mini Lipgloss Set "Let's Meet In Paris" $16.00
        33. Becca- Mineral Tint "Tan" $35.00
        34. Nars- Single Eye Shadow "Night Life" $25.00
        35. YSL- Touch Brilliance Sparkling Touch for Lips "Pink Quartz" #3 $36.00
        36. SMH- Eye Shadow Single "Bayli" $6.00
        37. SMH- Eye Shadow Single "Cracker" $6.00
        38. SMH- Eye Shadow Single "Squeak" $6.00
        39. Lancome- Color Design Refill Palette "Smoldering Gold" $50.00

        A little about these items. All of the Cargo items except for the "Let's Meet In Paris" lipgloss set came as a set. So the Vintage palette, blush, eye shadow single, primer, mascara and lipstick was in one set purchased together. The Becca Mineral Tint was a freebie that they sent me. So what do you think about this haul? Now here's the kicker. All of these items retail for a total of $636.39. I didn't pay nearly that much at all. I did have to pay $20 I think for shipping, which totally sucked (I so hate spending money on shipping that I could use to buy more items lol), but even with that I saved a ton of moolah on this haul.

        So, now would you like to know where I got all of this glorious makeup? It's a website called All Cosmetics Wholesale. I so love this site and they have a few deals going on right now that I would love to share with you.

        20% off items in the Hair Category use code 20OffHair
        25% off items in the Sale Category use cody SALE25

        Now like I said before, the only bummer is that if you use a discount code you don't get the free shipping on orders over $75.00, but with what you save if you make a large purchase it's still worth it. So now that I've told you one of my make-up shopping secrets you have to be sure and come back and share what you got from there with me. :) So make sure you stop back by and let me know what deal/s you got in on and what you got.

        Also, I would like for you all to quess how much I actually paid for all of these items. I think if someone can guess within $10.00 of what I actually paid I'll send you a little something for your correct guesstimate. Here's how it works:

        1. This will be open to all as long as your country will allow me to ship you what I gather up to send you. If there is something that I can not ship to you internationally then I will just leave out that item.
        2. You must be 18 to enter.
        3. You get one guess for following my blog.
        4. You get one guess for following me on Instagram.
        5. You get one guess for following me on Twitter.
        6. You get one guess for posting a little something about this on your blog.
        7. You get one guess for Tweeting about this.
        8. Just leave me a link to your blog post or tag me in your Tweet in the comments for this post. For the following me guesses just let me know what your user ID is on Twitter/Instagram, etc,. also in the comments for this post.
        9. Then leave me your guesses for each follow/post you do along with how you would like for me to contact me if you win.

        I think that's it. Pretty easy and straight forward. I will leave this open until the end of June 2015 then I'll let the winner know, if there is one, that they won. I will contact you via how you choose me to contact you as per your request.

        Again I apologize for the delay on getting all of my hauls up on my blog. It's been crazy the past few weeks. I will be on vacation for the next 10 days so I won't be able to answer any questions while we are gone. Taking a much needed vacation to visit with my hubby's family on the eastern coast. Beach here we come. :) The last combined Ulta and haul I will do when we get back.

        Don't forget to follow for great deals, recipes, tips, tricks and tutorials. Thank You so much for all the support and love you all send me. You have no idea how much it is appreciated. :) So Super Huge Hugs to You All!

        Jewel S.


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