Wednesday, April 30, 2008

By George, I think I finally got it!

I have been working on this all day to get it to the way I want it. It's not totally there, but at least it's posting worthy. LOL Now to find my camera cable so that I can upload some pics that I have been wanting to post on here for months now. LOL


starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Jewel,
The cupcake with the pink daisy on top is mine, all mine!!!
Your photos are beautiful, and the cupcakes to die for. Yes, another blogger. I love it, I love writing blogs, I love reading other blogs, it's just so fun to do, now if I only had a little bit more time to read them all!!!!
I'll be looking for your words to come.
check mine out when you get a chance too, I'm still new but have learned alot by trial and error!!

ShabbyBoutique said...

Thank you Deb! But that one was mine. LOL And it was De-li-cious! :p But I can make you one! :)

Jewel ;o)