Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Fabulous Easter Finds

I know, I know. It's way past Easter. But I finally found these pics I took of my Favorite Easter Finds and wanted to share them with my friends. My first find was this Adorable Vintage Light Up Blow Mold Aqua & Pink Easter Bunny. I got this Fabulous find from Miss Maddies Mercantile. They are the Sweetest Ladies and they always have such great items with "Can You Say Free Shipping?". Yes you heard me correctly Free Shipping!

I made the sweet little blue gingham ducky and had planned on making a pink one too, but didn't have the time. OH, well, maybe later he will get a sister. LOL I think he's 2 Cute though. :)

My other Favorite Easter Find was these Vintage So Sweet Egg Ornaments. I found 6 of them online and got them for a steal, but they are just soooo Cute I could not pass them up. They are real eggs that were cut in half, painted on the back and inside and then made into a Lovely work of art. They have all kinds of trims and millinery and paper cut outs and seashells and on and on and on. I am going to try and figure out how to do this for next Easter to sell on my website. Just not sure how to cut the egg open without cracking the shell to pieces.

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Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Very cute!! Love the little egg ornaments! Adorable!