Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Christmas Creations Available for Sale!

Here are more Christmas Goodies! I've been busy! :)

Well, I had my big Christmas Show and it was very successful! I don't have much left, so get the Christmas Lovelies while you still can! :)

My Vintage Style Wallpaper Ornies/Door Hangers are back again this year! Never fails these are always a huge hit. They are so much prettier in person and I keep several hanging around on knobs and drawer pulls all over the house all year round.

I have carried the Faux Truffle/Bon Bon Ornies/Door Hangers for several years now. And I finally got around to actually posting the magnets that I also sell at shows. They look so real you can almost taste them. YUM!

The LOVE Letters that I created a while back and never got posted. LOL I had put them up and just recently found them again when I was looking for something else. I figured it was time they deserved a Loving Home! :)

Another OOAK Vintage Style Waterless Snowglobe. This is the last one I have left for this year. I Love making these, they are just very time consuming so I don't make many of them for each season. So, if you would like some you can contact me and I will custom order you some.

This is a New Item for Christmas 2009. I do have a couple more that I will be listing as well in the next few days. I have two pink ones and an aqua one that I am currently working on! I just love these with all of the Vintage & Antique Buttons, Vintage Mica Flakes and the way they remind me of the spun cotton ornaments and decorations of the past. I will be making these throughout the year for various seasons and themes, but if you have something in mind, don't hesitate to contact me about a custom order. These are so much prettier than what I could capture.

These Jingle Bell and Stocking Lavender Sachets are perfect for hanging on your tree or on a door/cabinet knob or drawer pull during the Christmas Season. But during the off season you can put them in your drawer or closet to add a relaxing scent to your clothes or lingerie. I only use imported French Lavender that is the longest lasting and most fragrant you can buy. The lavender scent will last for years to come. When the smell dissipates, just give it a little squeeze to release more oils from the buds and it comes right back. I have a few sachets that I made 10 years ago, when I found this wonderful Lavender, and they still smell just as fresh as the day I made them. Very worth the money for sure. :)

My Sugared/Vintage German Glass Glittered Ornies were a huge hit as well this year. Once again, I don't have many left so get them while you can.

Another French Inspired paperweight. I just love using vintage Rhinestone Jewelry bits in my work and I thought this Vintage Fleur de Lis Jewelry part fit in perfect with the theme of the paperweight. So much more romantic than a plain paperweight. :)

I only have one set of these adorable Snowman Gift Tags left. They were created using some of my original artwork. It is some of my colored pencil work. I love doing colored pencil art, the way you can blend the colors gives such a soft and romantic feel.

Yes, I did more Vintage Style Tulle Wreaths and Trees this year. All sold out except for two wreaths. I love making the trees and the wreaths, but once again, they are extremely time consuming. It takes a couple of hours just to cut all of the tulle to create them, let alone tying them all on. So, I usually only get a few done a season.

This Altered Art project turned out so adorable. I absolutely love it. I Adore Pink & Aqua and then to add in a little aged or sepia tones makes it even more special. This has lots of details and little surprises. That is one thing I like to do with my work. I always add lots of details that you won't see right away. That way every time you look at it you see something new that you didn't notice or see before. It makes it new all over again. :)

I am the originator of these Faux Gingerbread Birdhouse Cottages and have been making them for over 10 years now. They are always a big hit and I find that they are too pretty to put away. So, I keep mine out all year long. :) Unfortunately they all sold out at the show. If you would like some made I can custom order them for you, but I won't have time to make any for this Christmas season. But I make them for Valentine Day, Easter and other Holidays as well, or just a basic one without a seasonal theme and in other colorways. And once again they are a true labor of love. I spend days creating each one. I add every bead, bauble and detail by hand. But they turn out to Scrumptious that I just can't resist making them. :)

I only have two Christmas Tree Skirts left this year and no stockings at all. So make sure you ge the skirts before they are gone.

My Sand Dollare Ornie/Door Hangers are back again this year. I have been selling these for over 6 years now and they still do well at the shows as well as on my site. You really do have to see them in person to see how Pretty they really are. They look like they are made from porcelain with the Pink Bavarian Roses on them.

Although I sold out of all of my Vintage Style Tulle Trees this year, I do have one Rose Petal & Feather Tree left. I made 10 of them and the rest all sold out. Now once again, just as with my pillows, totes, gingerbread houses, tulle wreaths & trees, etc,. each one is OOAK. Each one of them are at least slightly different, so no two are alike.

Much more in store for you in my shoppe. I still have not been able to get my website redone, so my shopping cart is still broke. But, you can still purchase my items in my Etsy Shoppe and My eBay Store. I am hoping that I will be able to get my website back up again after the Holidays.

Warm Wishes & Blessings This Holiday Season!
Hugs to All!
Jewel ;o)

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