Thursday, October 21, 2010

Featured on a Blog!

I want to say Thank You ever so much to Eaindar from Crafty Dream for Featuring one of my items on her blog. She featured my Pink Roses Wire Basket in a collage of Cottage Roses items. If you get a chance stop by her blog, tell her I sent you and give her a big "Hello!". She has a Gorgeous blog that I'm sure you will love to peruse through. You can find my Cathrine Klein Pink Roses Wire Basket here!




1 comment:

BECKY said...

Hi Jewel! Your blog is so pretty and sweet! And I love what you did with the wire basket! Would never have thought of that!!

I see you've met Rebecca! She has been a bloggy friend for a couple of years and is just the nicest gal!!

And yes, I should blog more, but then I haven't been able to balance blogging with my new duties with my shop either!! HA! I used to post often! I haven't even been able to get up the post for my giveaway! Leave up to five comments by Sunday! I will be picking the winner then, but no one knows what they're getting yet!! It will be fun and Christmassy! I wanted to give away stuff from my shop, but I can't get it made fast enough!!

Have a great day, sweetie!