Monday, March 7, 2011

French Lavender How I Love Thee

What do I do when I get stressed you ask? Well I reach for one of my French Lavender Sachet Pillows I have around my house, stick my nose up to it and breathe in deep. That always calms me down and helps me destress. I have to admit that when I first found lavender that I wasn't too thrilled with the smell of it. It smelled soapy to me. But not too long after I started working with it I sooo fell in love with it. Of course it took going through a few varieties to find the one that really made me say "Aaaahhh! Now that's more like it!". LOL I have been using imported French Lavender, from France of course, for many many years now. I have made Sachet Pillows, Envelope Sachets, Sachet Pouches, put it in bowls and vases, put it in and on candles (yes you heard me correct, on candles. Dip a candle in wax, or glue if you aren't going to burn it, and then immediately dip it in Lavender. A pretty way to get the aroma and decorate.) and the list goes on. Not only does the French Lavender smell the best (of course it's a little more expensive than the normal lavender), keep a prettier color, the most fragrant but, it lasts the longest as well. I have many sachets around my house that I made well over 10 years ago and they still smell like the day I made them. If I feel the smell is dissipating, then I just give the sachet a gentle squeeze or two to crush the buds a little and it releases some more of the essential oils that make it smell so heavenly.

Lavender has been used used for centuries for many things. Not only do people use it as a stress reliever, but it is used in culinary delights and as teas or in teas. It is a natural moth and bug repellent. It has also been used as a natural preservative. In Victorian times it was common to pack your wedding dress or other linens in lavender to preserve and protect them. It has also been speculated that it has healing properties as well.

Here are a few French Lavender Sachets that I have made over the years. Of course these are just a few of the thousands I have made, but I just thought I would give you an example of how you could use French Lavender to decorate in your own home. :)

I Hope you enjoyed some of my French Lavender Creations. Now Show me Yours! :)

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Rebecca said...

Oooooh Girly~I'm sooo glad you stopped by to visit me today. Just had to tell you that everything you described sounds OVER THE MOON fabulous! Wow!!!! Would love to see it in person or at LEAST a pic! :)