Sunday, October 19, 2008

P.E.P Charity Auction Event!

I am a part of sellers group on eBay and we are having our 3rd annual Susan G. Komen Charity Auction Event. Breast Cancer is a horrible thing and we need to ban together to do everything we can to find a cure for this cancer and all other cancers out there. Having several friends of mine pass away in their early 30's due to breast cancer and almost losing my middle son Cody to Leukemia I can tell you that it can and will affect everyone somehow or in some way. Whether it's your brother, sister, mother, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, neighbor, it doesn't matter. Someone you know eventually will be affected by either cancer itself or the pain of losing a loved one to it.

No one should fight cancer alone.

Annually P.E.P - Painting eBay Pretty holds the largest multi-seller charity auctions ever held on ebay Benefiting Komen for a Cure.

Breast cancer is no laughing matter. over 200,000 women and men will be diagnosed with this disease this year alone.

This year will be no different in our quest for a cure for this devastating disease but, No one should fight cancer alone.

Someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Being the most predominate cancer to women it will always be the most fought for cause

With this said.. the pain does not just walk away nor the person be forgotten. I pray today to our sweet Lord for a cure for all cancer. I pray today that if you are reading this you can feel in your heart to give to fight for a cure for cancer. We have chosen the cause and it is time to fight. Brenda lost her battle but can we all fight for a cure? She is looking over us now and it is time for us to all give back. Please I pray you will bid on the charity auctions and that with all our efforts put forth that your donation will be what helps us push to find a cure. No matter how big or how small it all counts.

We ask for all the sisters in the world to help us to help find a cure. The funding for Komen helps for early detection and helps people that may not be able to afford medicines or treatments that are so needed. It helps for breast exams and so many other things.

Today we stand up and we fight together.. because.. No one should fight cancer alone.

P.E.P - Painting eBay Pretty's Largest Multi-seller charity auctions benefiting Komen for a Cure October 19-25th, 2008 On the eBay Selling Id- Painting-e-bay-Pretty.

So, please click on the link below and help us find a cure!

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