Friday, October 17, 2008


I have never been a big fan of sugar cookies although they always look and smell so good. I guess I have sensitive taste buds because they always taste bitter to me because of the baking powder in them. But I finally found some where the bitter taste isn't overpowering and I can finally enjoy sugar cookies too. So me and the kids had some fun making some and putting icing and lots of sprinkles on them. I mean really, what is a sugar cookie without the delectable sprinkles? The glittery goodness and shimmer of the sugar. :) Here are some pics of our cookies. Don't they look good? We did these a couple of weeks ago, but now I think we are going to have to make some more.

Something you should try, just a little something I made up. I love to cook and I love coming up with new foods whether it's delectable (this is one of my 5yr. olds favorite words) desserts or scrumptious (this being his other favorite word) dinners.

Using a cookie sheet or baking pan put you cookie dough in to make bar cookies spreading the dough so it is about a half inch thick in the pan. Then cook until the middle is done. You may get some browning around the edges but that's ok because you can cut those off and snack on them later when no one is looking. :) After the giant cookie is done take it out and let it set for a few min. to cool slightly. You want your cookie bars to still be warm. Then cut into decent sized bars and top with vanilla ice cream, warm caramel sauce and hot fudge.

For more enticing flavor push white, peanut butter or chocolate chips and either almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans or walnuts into the dough before you bake it. This is one of the best desserts ever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Great job on the cookies! I know what you mean about the bitter taste from the baking powder. If you buy your baking powder from the health food section of the store, it has no metal taste. It has made all the difference in my baking. Just a little hint I learned from my mom.
Kay :)

ShabbyBoutique said...


Wow! Thank you for that advice, I love sugar cookies, but just can't stand that taste. :) What is so funny is that not everyone can taste it. Growing up everyone thought I was crazy when I would talk about that funny taste. I'm so glad I finally met someone else who can taste that so I don't feel like I'm crazy. :)...Hugs...Jewel ;o)