Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Should I do? You Tell Me What Sort of Make-Up Look You Want Me To Do!!!

        Ok, I'm seriously dying to make a make-up tutorial video, but not sure where to begin. I have so many ideas and make-up looks to choose from that I'm almost overwhelmed by what to do first. So, I was thinking about it the other day and thought to myself, I'm not creating the videos for myself, I'm creating them for you so why not ask you what you want to see. So here's your chance to put in your input on what you would like to see as my first make-up tutorial. Is there a certain palette you want to see me use, or a certain color you would like to see, or certain look or something that would go with your eye color, etc,. You let me know!!!

        Also, with my first video I think I'm going to do a give-away!! Should I do one of my favorite palettes? Or some of my favorite polishes? Or just some of my fave products? You decide and let me know. But make sure you sign up to be a member of my blog so you don't miss it.

        I'm excited to do my first video, but do you think I should do a welcome to my channel vid first?!?! Just a vid that tells a little about me and what sort of things you will see on my channel. I don't know, again, you tell me what you think. I'm at your mercy. lol

        I'm looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing your opinions as they truly do matter to me. Wish me Luck!! :)

        Huge Hugs to You All!
        Jewel S.

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