Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pink & Red Ombré Valentine Nails

        Ok, so for this week with it being Valentines weekend and all I went with a cute red to pink glittery ombré nail art complete with halo hearts. I think they turned out pretty cute and they are fairly easy to do.

        The colors I used are:

        Base Coat- Finger Paints "Base Coat"
        Light Pink- Fresh Paint "Pinkapalooza" 
        Medium Pink- Sephora by OPI "Go with the Flow-er"
        Red- Sally Hansen Extreme Wear "Red Carpet"
        Glitter Top Coat- Sally Hansen Extreme Wear "Perky Pink"
        Halo Hearts- Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry "Hearts of Gold FX"
        Top Coat- Seche Vite "Top Coat"

        Start by putting down your base coat then two layers of the light pink. Then using a cosmetic sponge put stripes of each color lightest to darkest right next to each other making sure the stripes will fit on your nails. Meaning you don't want them to be too wide where you don't get all 3 colors or not wide enough where there's not enough color. Then pounce the spong back and forth across the nail until it's covered with the ombré stripes. Be sure to add more polish to the sponge each time when using glittery, metallic or sparkly nail polishes because the sponge soaks the paint and your nails get most of the glitter, etc,. So if you do a second nail without re-layering polish on your sponge you will get mostly color and it won't look like the last nail you did. If you need help with this step of sponging on your polish you can do a YouTube search for ombré nails and there are plenty of step by step tutorials, although hopefully I can put one up soon. Fingers crossed. :)

        After that dries I layered one coat of the glittery pink top coat. After that dries I just took individual halo heart glitter chunks out of the Revlon polish by getting them on the polish brush and then nabbing them with an orange stick and placing them on my nails. Last but not least two layers of Seche Vite top coat and viola you are done. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'd be more than happy to help. :)

        So what's your Valentines nail art? Did this inspire you? Tell us what you think! And don't forget to subscribe to my blog so you don't miss any future nail art posts.

        Huge Hugs as Usual,
        Jewel S. ;o)

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